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Who's Who: Boat Design / Manufacture / Distribution

Who's Who: Boat Design / Manufacture / Distribution

Postby GregS » Sun Dec 11, 2011 5:51 pm

The Single Blade "Who's Who" pages run alongside the Single Blade Wiki and offer a reference guide to canoeists and others associated in some significant manner with the canoeing world: a directory to help identify names that might pop up here or elsewhere.

This index is a Who's Who of Boat Design / Manufacture / Distribution: not comprehensive, but a start...

Alphabetical listing...
  • John Berry - Flasher, the Flashback, the M.E., the AC/DC, etc
  • Ev Crozier – Sundowner, Echo, Spirit, Spirit II and some marathon racing tandems.
  • Harold Deal – SRT, Crossfire, Dragonfly, Shaman
  • Bob Foote – Dagger Genesis, Rival, Phantom. Navarro Loon, Pursuit and Egret. Bell Prodigy and Nexus (with Yost).
  • John Foster (with Henry) – Outrage, Rampage, Synergy
  • Mike Galt – Dandy, Blackhawk, Egret, Mirage, BJX, Bardy Jones Express (BJX), Cygnet, MGA, Swan, perhaps Caper
  • Bart Hauthaway - OT's little Rushton-style Pack canoe
  • Jim Henry – Darn near all of the vintage MRC boats: Malecite, Explorer, Freedom, revelation, Quest, Eclipse, Destiny, Guide, Sunrunner, Lamoille, Independence, Liberty.
  • Frankie Hubbard – Edge, the Viper series, Probe 12, Ocoee, Savage Superfly, Robson CU-fly
  • Gene Jensen – Whitewater II, Jensen 17 & 18, V1 Pro boat, V1A, 4/32 Cruiser, J 190-203 series, SCR.
  • Steve Killing – Freedom 15, 17 and 17/9, Splitrock, 18'6" Marathon, Cottage Cruiser
  • John Kazimierczyk (Kaz)....
  • Dave Kruger – Voyageur, K-160, Encounter, Advantage, Prism, Rouge, Solo Plus, Moccasin
  • Bruce Kunz – Merlin, Peregrine, Kestrel, 38 Special, North West Cruiser
  • Howie LaBrant…
  • Pat Moore…Blackhawk Proem 85, Blackhawk Covenant 115, Moore Reverie, Moore Adventurer, Moore Andante, Moore Solex, Moore Cruiser, Moore Voyageur, perhaps Blackhawk Nighthawk/Fishhawk plus Peter Ponds I and II
  • Phil Sigglekow - Ariel, Shadow Series (11.8, 127, 14, 15'4"), Zephyr, Starship, Watersmeet, SS Special, and two Combis
  • Nolan Whitesell…
  • John Winters – Osprey, Shearwater, Mattawa, Kipewa, Temagami, Winisk, Queitco, Dumoine, Yukon and many more.
  • David Yost: seemingly pretty much the best of everything else! Hulls for Tubbs, Curtis, Loon Works, Swift, Perception, Bell, Hemlock, Placid boatworks, Sawyer and now Colden Canoe.

lennart wrote:
  • Frank Hubbart viper pporbe savage , spanish fly, cufly homes. and more
  • Richard Guin of mohawk
  • Klaus Lettmann
  • Jaqueas Chasse
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