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RedCanoes.Ca: "Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing" (Becky Mason)

RedCanoes.Ca: "Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing" (Becky Mason)

Postby GregS » Sun Jan 01, 2012 9:54 pm

Redcanoes.Ca wrote:The main movie Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing caters to the Advanced paddler. Becky Mason takes you for a wild spin in her cedar-canvas canoe on the crystal clear waters of Lac Vert, Quebec. The expert strokes and manoeuvres she shows are fun to watch and learn from because she shares unique tips and stories about them too. You'll be spellbound with the stunning underwater camera angles!

Here's the trailer...

This cinematographically stunning film is a sequel to "Classic Solo Canoeing" (which is included on the DVD, alongside a 6 minute music bonus and a collection of out-takes).

The new movie begins by introducing the canoe as a "remarkable craft", suggesting the look, shape and design are age-old, and kicks off her discussion of technique in terms of "a few basic ancient strokes combined in countless ways". The narrator then suggests her "classic" approach, whilst not the only way, is smooth, efficient and easy to learn.

The DVD presents 16 advanced strokes which paddlers are encouraged to combine into manoeuvres...

  • Canadian Stroke - with a trademark "punch" of the grip hand, a correction during the in-water recovery and a "snappy exit"...
  • Indian Stroke - aka Rolling J / Silent Stroke (with palm roll and slight bow draw)
  • Northwoods - Maine / New Brunswick stroke for use with heavily loaded canoes covering long distances
  • Pitch Stroke - for speed and maintaining momentum (no hesitation, high grip hand kept out of the rail)
  • Compound Back Stroke - back draw and reverse 'J' (with or without palm roll)
  • Sculling Draw and Sculling Pry - including the one handed sculling draw
  • Running Draw and Running Pry Sideslips
  • Running Bow Draw (Bow Cut) - carved inside turn with weight transfer and bow draw into 'C'
  • Running Bow Pry - using the back-face: grip hand over rail, chocked up and applying pressure on onside knee
  • Running One Handed Pry
  • Low Brace Turn - with extreme heel and weight transfer to paddle, arcing brace, palm roll and bow draw
  • Box Stroke - bow draw > slice > stern pry > slice and reverse (choked up, lowering the grip hand to reach towards stems, using a "punch")
  • High Circle - ACA Freestyle "Outer Gimbal"
  • Low Circle - ACA Freestyle "inner Gimbal" (choked up, from a transverse stance)

The "shake out" is also demonstrated and discussed.

The DVD ends with encouragement to practise both sides (including with weight in the bow) and noting the possibility of performing manoeuvers in reverse, and with a repeat of the mantra that all of the above is just using variations on the basic draw, pry, fwd and back strokes.

For more see the promotion page on Redcanoes.Ca.
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Re: RedCanoes.Ca: "Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing" (Becky Ma

Postby GregS » Thu Jan 05, 2012 2:58 pm


ARTFUL BLOGGER: Becky Mason brings grace and drive to new canoeing DVD By Paul Gessell
The 43-minute DVD is not just an educational how-to video; it is a work of art, at least based on the trailer. Much of the action was shot underwater by McLachlan. This allows viewers to see exactly how Mason twists or thrusts her paddle to do a quick U-turn, avoid collisions, and attempts other tricky manoeuvres. Most of the above-water action was filmed by former CBC cameraman Neil Carroll. Ken Buck served as director of photography [...] The artistry of the video is enhanced by the soundtrack composed and recorded by local musician Ian Tamblyn

Solo Traditions: Behind the scenes of Becky Mason’s new canoeing film By Conor Mihell
Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing [features] Mason’s easy manner in front of the camera [and] explores advanced strokes for steering, carving turns and pivoting—all with the canoe heeled over in the traditional Canadian style.

What sets this film apart is its use of underwater photography to demonstrate the hidden aspects of paddle strokes.

Besides spectacular photography, Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing is enhanced by original music by legendary Canadian folk artist Ian Tamblyn. It also includes subtle lessons in environmental ethics that instill a sense of compassion for the wilderness—an important message in all of Mason’s creative work.

Solo paddler offers many pointers by Howard Meyerson
Paddling solo in a canoe can be tricky, but Becky Mason makes it look easy, even when solo paddling a big red cedar and canvas tandem canoe. Mason’s strokes are graceful and fluid eliciting an elegant boat response that embodies the term "canoe ballet."

[...] The 43-minute program [..] is a gem of an instructional video about the fine art of paddling solo [...] shot in high-definition. It is a beautiful work backed by an original score by Ian Tamblyn, a Canadian folk musician [..] Its lessons are enhanced by underwater footage that shows the path of the paddle throughout the stroke.

Mason demonstrates each stroke and the canoe response, and then gives a step-by-step breakdown of hand positions, paddle positions and portions of different strokes that are linked together. She says some may look fancy or flashy, but the 16 strokes covered in the DVD are merely variations on standard canoe strokes such as the forward or back stroke, sweeps, draw and pry.

"Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing" is an exceptional production and a great resource for budding freestyle paddlers and those serious about mastering solo canoeing.
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